November 28, 2018

Ways To Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning your house is a chore and may leave you wishing to call one of the many home cleaning services in Melbourne. Cleaning may be long but here are some tips that will keep you from calling in the help of home cleaning services in Melbourne.


Pest control

Keep your house clean. Pests such as flys and cockroaches love to hang around space where there are food crumbs or sitting water. At the end of each day, clean down the counters and brush the floor. Keep bins covered too.

Small insects and even slugs can find their way into your house through cracks or gaps between the floor and walls. Keep all windows closed at night and use some filler to remove any gaps under the flooring.

If you’re thinking of calling some home cleaning services in Melbourne because of an insect problem, think again, traps and sprays can be very effective for removing a problem long term. If you are using a spray bomb, make sure to block all airways so the spray can take effect.



With the thought of clearing a clogged toilet will come the temptation to call one of the many home cleaning services in Melbourne. But before you pick up that receiver review the following techniques that make the job simple.

First things first, try using a toilet plunger. If it works you’ll have got off lightly, with no reason to put your hand down into the unsightly mess. If it doesn’t get yourself a plastic bag or some arm length gloves. Maybe a clothes peg for your nose will help too. Putting your hand into the place you never thought you’d have to go will not be easy but in under a minute you should have the toilet drain free again. Calling in a professional from home cleaning services in Melbourne would have been a waste of time and money.



Stains are inevitable. From the youngest of children to most of us adults we all drop our food from time to time but dealing with a stain in your house doesn’t mean you’ll need to call in the home cleaning services in Melbourne. Numerous household products will help you deal with food and wine stains in a timely manner with little or no hassle.

Boiling water, soda water and salt are all effective stain removers and can have your carpet looking back to normal within a couple of hours without the need to call home cleaning services in Melbourne. If the stain is gone but the odour has soaked into the carpet leaving a lasting unpleasant smell, cleaning alcohol can give you a helping hand and can remove the smell after just 15 minutes.

If you do allow one of the many home cleaning services in Melbourne into your house, make sure you leave detailed instructions. Remember there is no need to watch and follow them around the house but give them a tour when they first come in. Then give them some instructions on how to clean the different surfaces and what products to use. Before they come make sure you have established whether they are bringing their own products, or you will have to provide them. It will be a waste of everyone’s time if you haven’t but most home cleaning services in Melbourne will provide their own.

Having bitten the bullet and used your hard-earned money to pay for their services, try your best to keep your place up to the standard that they have left it in and you can save yourself process of calling home cleaning services in Melbourne again.

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