December 2, 2018

Technological Trends Of 2018

  1. The Internet of Things-

All the devices we see today are capable of human interaction and the environment. These devices are operated in a way that sometimes you do not need human interaction to use them. The intelligent things have been famous for several years and with continuous growth and advancement in the year 2018 becoming the internet of things. This creates a network of intelligent things, where multiple devices will start to work together developing IoT to its fullest structure.


  1. Blockchain will bring in new opportunities in different industries-

The latest news of the year is about Blockchain which is revolutionary tech that stores and exchanges data for cryptocurrencies it also opens a few other new possibilities that are way broader than that. It is a distributed database with a digital register of all the transactions and contracts. It even stores the list of records, call block with each including a timestamp and even a link to the previous block. Blockchain has affected a variety of applications and has done impressive work in the field of digital transaction that can open business opportunities in 2018.


  1. Deep learning-

At the present-day deep learning is challenged by data collection and the complexity of its computation. Due to the earlier problem, the major part of the innovation in the hardware focuses on speeding up the deep learning experiments, such as GPUs with a better number of cores and different from the present architects that are under development. According to reports, in the next three to five years, in-depth training will shorten the upgrading of software solutions from months to days. It will lead to increased productivity and reduced product costs along with better financial characteristics.



  1. New methods improve privacy and security are coming-

As the development of tech and growth of data is becoming more critical, hacking methods is strengthening and becoming more progressive. As the number of devices connected to the internet is increasing day by day, it will make the data more vulnerable and not protected. Solution to this problem in the year 2018 was the increased activity in protecting the safety of the people by using machine learning that will establish a probabilistic, predictive approach to ensure security. It even brings in techniques like behavioral analysis, giving the ability to detect and stop an attack on the data.


  1. Artificial intelligence will help in business strategies-

At present Al has brought in enormous changes to the business and has reshaped the entire industry with advanced technologies and software. Many companies have started to implement an AI strategy for their businesses. All of the large companies implementing AI strategy have about 100,000 employees, and for them the process is intimidating. In the year 2018, almost every company will have incorporated AI applications into their strategies and organizational development. There many algorithms developed by in the marketplace by engineers or companies that can be shared and deployed for organization’s personal use.

Technological Trends
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