September 25, 2018

Strict Laws Of Countries In The World

  1. Cuba-

This country is the home of cigars and the late Fidel Castro. It is mainly seen as a top holiday destination in the world. Besides its beautiful beaches, it has hip-moving Latin music. The country is communist and gives trouble to anyone who goes against the government. The internet is screened on a regular basis, and any writer or editor who posts anything against the government will face serious jail time. They are known for partying and alcohol but playing Reggaeton is strictly prohibited.


  1. China-


China is country with the increasing economic and has taken the world by storm. As the country is open to other nations, it has created a positive image among the territorial rows with its neighbors. China is still a communist country, and no one should go against the government. Anyone going against the wishes of the government is silenced. It is considered to be a crime if anyone is bringing the western culture and mindset to Chinese youth. The media in the country is highly controlled and even the internet. No one in the country is allowed to discuss change, reform and be rebellious.


  1. Singapore-

Singapore may be a small company, but the country’s government implementation of the rules and guidelines are strict to the locals and tourists compared to any country in the world. Any wrong move in the country will be fined. Spitting in public will cost you a fine and also smoking in public is a serious offense. Wearing the wrong attire will going out in public will land you in jail. These are only small violations of the law, but the government is very stringent in dealing with serious crimes. All these are solid evidence that these rules make the country a world-class economy with a standard of living better than any European nation.


  1. Saudi Arabia-

Even though Saudi Arabia has broken down their boundaries and huddled with the rest of the world, they are still deeply connected with the laws that are grown from religion and tradition. The social laws in the country are mostly applicable to women, and they are very strict for them. For instance, women are not allowed to drive or even drive with a man who is not related to them or go out wearing causal clothes in public. The internet access to the people is restricted, and the media outlets are closely monitored. Editors can be arrested or even be fired if they publish anything that is negative about the government.


  1. Japan-

Many people believe that the modern Japanese government still uses the feudal system that was found in Japan a long time ago is doing its business. The hierarchy of authority is the same in all households, schools, offices and even the workplace. Everybody should respect anyone who is higher than them. Japanese companies also follow strict rules, from employees to the CEO are expected to perform and excel in their jobs. You should not talk about world war II, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the Government prohibits it.

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