April 8, 2019

How To Assess Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours On Merit

If you are considering signing up for an outstanding Grand Canyon helicopter tour that is on offer, you will be spoiled for choice.

There is a great selection of services in this industry as skilled operators provide a deluxe experience across the natural and iconic landscape of the Grand Canyon.

While this will give you plenty of picture perfect moments, it is worthwhile taking stock of which brands offer the best value for money.



Quality Customer Service?

Arguably the most important criteria for you to judge Grand Canyon helicopter tours on their merit is their quality of customer service. From the initial emails and phone calls to being notified ahead of time about practices, issuing Q&A forms to information about the booking process and taking onboard queries and customer feedback, this is a part of the business that has to be first-class. Should last minute issues arise or plans to the itinerary switch around, this will test the capacity of their representatives to help you out.


Transparent Web Presence?

In 2019 it must be paramount that Grand Canyon helicopter tours outline all of their information online. That includes their website and social media accounts where they can offer a detailed summary of what packages are included, where the route will be taken across the Arizona Desert, what accommodation outlets are available and additional information for guests. Transparency is not always a guarantee in these instances so the more that is offered for public consumption, the less guesswork will be necessary on your behalf.


Multiple Package Variety?

To stand out from the crowd, no two Grand Canyon helicopter tours are identical. They will likely offer packages that entice more interest from tourists from all over the world. This can include various pickup and drop off points to unique chopper capacities for private and public use, alterations with the scheduling, tour guides speaking in different dialects and policies on bringing aboard personal items to enhance the overall experience. If you feel confined to a single choice without any degree of flexibility, then that should be factored into the decision.


Partnered Programs?

If you are fortunate enough to identify one of the certified Grand Canyon helicopter tours that have been established in the market for a number of years, chances are they have partnered programs that bundle together a first-class experience. These initiatives are designed to deliver a more rounded package where clients can utilise accommodation services, tourist passes, transport access and more. Dealing with a tour program in isolation can be a challenge for visitors arriving from interstate or overseas and having those options laid out is incredibly beneficial for participants gearing up for the journey. Have a chat to them about any partnered affiliations with other services, helping you to condense the logistics and eliminate more preparation work ahead of time.


Brand Reputation

The best gauge to judge Grand Canyon helicopter tours on merit is like you would with any other service or business – check their brand reputation. This will revolve around online checks through search engines, social media accounts and tourist websites based in the USA. If the feedback and ratings are positive before going into detail about client experiences and the process, then that will be the best criteria to settle on. Remember not to isolate one bad rating or review and take note of the aggregate scores and overall reputation of the brand. It will also help your judgment if you have access to direct first hand accounts from friends or family members about the program.



It is important to note that there are multiple first-class Grand Canyon helicopter tours who go above and beyond for their clients. Selecting which service is the superior choice will ultimately come down to scheduling and convenience during your holiday into Arizona, but there are helpful techniques that we have discussed that can allow you to create a shortlist of quality candidates.


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