November 13, 2018

Countries With The Best Lifestyles In The World

  1. Canada-

Canada is a city with a tolerant, happy and multicultural people. Canada is known for most educated in the world and also given that the country invests in education and even compulsory educations up to the age of 16 or 18 years depending on the state. If the requirements needed for age and resident is done then education is provided free of cost to the public.


  1. Sweden-

This country is known for having a population that is multicultural, open, hardworking and see everyone living there as equal. It is one the reasons why they are known as the happiest country in the world. The country provides free education, but free education in colleges, Universities and at the higher education only for the Swedes. The citizens also receive monetary aid as an allowance for full-time studies. Their health-care is so developed that the average the lifespan of a person is 80 years. Dentalcare I free for everyone till the age of 19.



  1. Denmark-

As the saying goes “A happy Dane is a healthy Dane.” The country is the leader in Renewable Energy and Waste Management, anyone in this world can be inspired by their lifestyle. They love the calm atmosphere and go by the policy of greenery all around the country. It is also known for being the most bike-friendly place in the world as most of the citizens travel by bicycles throughout the year. The country is also classified as the happiest country in the world as their level of satisfaction in their life is excellent in the country. The Human Development Report ranked the country to be the best country to live in the world.


  1. Australia-

Leaving aside their cool accent “mate,” the country has an amazing lifestyle. Australis has an excellent economy which is classified by their stability, job security, and job availability. By having an economy like this, they have a higher cost of living, but it is balanced equally with income so that the people can be well-off. The healthcare in Australia is excellent as the country has the Universal health care structure whereby the government bears the medical costs through publicly funded insurance called “Medicare.”


  1. Netherlands-

‘Zoals Het klokje this tikt, tikt het nergens‘ is a Dutch sentence that translates ‘ There is no place like home,‘ and everyone will agree to it due to this beautiful place called the Netherlands. The citizens of Netherlands are healthy, tolerant and very friendly people, they are known for learning the art of Co-existence. They are other factors the Dutch are known for such as ardent cyclists, with people purchasing bikes which makeup twice the number of people living in the country. Their health conditions are top among many countries and remain excellent in their fitness.

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