June 14, 2019

Best Practice When Speaking With Providers of Hot Water Cylinders

What constitutes the best practice when speaking with providers of hot water cylinders such as The Cylinder Guy?

The first topic that usually emerges is the price – how much will this set back the family budget and will there need to be added fees thrown into the mix?

To ensure that the household has the best possible product and is investing in a long-term asset, it is helpful to push and probe for prevalent questions about the hot water cylinder.

This will apply to natural gas, electric and solar models respectively.


Know The Amount of Daily Water Use

Hot water cylinders can be judged on a variety of intricate metrics that calculate various scientific elements. To place all of that confusion to one side, there is one figure that will allow homeowners to enter the market with a better gauge of the product they are after. On average, one resident will require 50L of hot water for their daily consumption. Increase that figure according to the amount of residents and that will allow the discussion to progress without delay. It will also need to incorporate access to a mains pressure source or simply from a low pressure system. Once those two forms of criteria have been combined, the challenge to find a suitable brand becomes straightforward and largely dependent on pricing.


Is The Brand Energy Efficient?

Taking a close look at the energy star rating is a core ingredient to getting value for money with hot water cylinders. Electric and gas models will be able to brandish these labels on the side of the item and illustrate how efficient the energy use is by an independent arbiter from the government. This degree of transparency is not only important from an environmental standpoint, but it will allow shoppers to see what items generate the most amount of hot water without an overuse of energy consumption from natural gas, electric or solar sources.


Inquire About Installation Phase and Repair Servicing

It is important for household consumers who deal with providers of hot water cylinders to delve into the detail on the installation phase. There could be impediments in the way that cause delays, disruptions or completely stop the whole project due to internal or external factors. Even if that element proceeds as per normal, there may very well be a need for regular inspections and repairs to take place on location. Here is where a reliable single point of contact comes into play as homeowners should be able to freely book appointments and ask questions.


woman taking a showerSource Future Proofing Option

Future proofing for hot water cylinders has become part and parcel of the industry since the solar boom has taken off. Given the need to switch to this form of energy, consumers need to be able to buy into models and initiatives safe in the knowledge that a transition to solar energy is possible without investing thousands of extra dollars on infrastructure. It is an added feature and forward thinking on behalf of the consumer, but if it is possible for the outlet to include this service then it should be embraced.


Accessing a Warranty

The final phase when speaking to an outlet about hot water cylinders is to ensure that a comprehensive consumer warranty is part of the package. In spite of all of the great strides that have taken place over the past two to three decades in this sector, there will always be instances where structural faults or damage from outside elements dramatically affects the condition of the investment. By having that extra degree of insurance, homeowners are protected as they seek to obtain a certified replacement. Not every brand will have the same policy in this domain as it will be dependent on the model, the pricing, the location of the outlet and any other incentives offered within the package.


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